If your furnace is not working efficiently, it is likely time for repair. An inefficient furnace can cause your energy bills to increase. This could lead to a higher electric or natural gas bill. Sometimes, it may also lead to a higher monthly payment if you have an oil furnace.

You may notice that your furnace is short cycling or rapidly turning on and off. This will wear down the system’s components and waste energy. You may also see a blue light on the burners. However, this light may malfunction due to rust or other substances. Turn off your heater immediately to prevent further damage if you see this light.

Your furnace might start emitting a foul smell. This is an indicator of a gas leak. It may be as simple as a dirty air filter or as complicated as a malfunctioning furnace. Either way, you’ll need to have the stove repaired to get back to normal.

Noise in your furnace should also be considered a warning sign. This noise could indicate loose parts that need to be properly fastened. A noisy furnace can be dangerous and lead to property damage and even physical injury. You should call a furnace repair service immediately. It may even be necessary to evacuate the house until the repair crew arrives.

Another warning sign is an increase in heating costs. This can occur even when you use the furnace less than usual. A broken or damaged furnace can result in a higher heating bill. If your heating bill is getting too high, it may be time to get your furnace repaired.

A faulty furnace can also lead to uneven heating in your home. This may be the result of a broken heat exchanger. In this case, the furnace may leak carbon monoxide into your home. In addition to a furnace, you may also need to check the ductwork in your home. Uneven heating can also result from poor airflow.

A worn-out furnace is another common sign that your furnace needs repair. It may require an extensive tune-up, or it may need to be replaced altogether. Only an experienced heating and cooling expert can provide you with the right solution. Knowing how old your furnace is is essential to make an informed decision.

Carbon monoxide detectors are an excellent way to tell if your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide. A leak in your furnace can cause health issues, including headaches and flu-like symptoms. If you notice these symptoms, you should turn off the stove immediately and open the windows. If the problem persists, contact your gas company or HVAC contractor directly.
Stale or musty odors can be another common sign that you need a furnace repair. A musty odor can indicate biological growth and moisture inside your furnace. You should call an HVAC specialist immediately if you notice a foul odor.

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